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Runwal Bliss - Luxury Apartments in Kanjurmarg East

Luxury Flats/Apartments in Kanjurmarg East Mumbai

Living Room

Introducing the best social networking site yet. Your living room. Disconnect from the virtual and connect with the real world in the comfort of your home. With a spacious design, clever aesthetics and Italian marble flooring in the living room, you've got the perfect place to experience the bliss of togetherness.


Amenities include natural alarm clocks. Cool wafts of the morning breeze to be more precise. Waking up is always more refreshing the closer you are to nature. And with wooden flooring and wide windows to go with the beams of sunlight, your mornings will truly be filled with bliss.


It is often said, the road to true bliss starts at the stomach. There are no delights quite like gastronomical delights. And with enough fresh air, sunshine and serenity to add to every meal, life in a Bliss kitchen will be nothing short of nirvana.

Kid's Room

Turn it into a princess’s paradise or a king’s palace! Let your kids explore their own space in the ways that they have always imagined. This room is where your kids will spend their childhood creating endless memories in each moment. And when they wish to look outside, all that they’ll see is a world of endless possibilities with the age-old Banyan Tree in the centre.

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